Cabinet Build Types

The overall look of your cabinetry is influenced by the door overlay style. Overlay refers to how much of the door covers the face frame. Crown Cabinetry provides 4 distinct overlay styles:

Often referred to as a half-inch overlay, the door covers the opening a half-inch on all sides. This leaves approximately one-inch of the face frame exposed. It is a very traditional look.

Standard Overlay

The doors and drawers almost entirely cover the face frame with only a quarter-inch showing. A full overlay is a designer's choice for the upscale style.

Full Overlay

A classic look, the doors and drawers sit within the frame leaving the entire face exposed. Beaded Inset adds an edge detail around the face frame. Both inset cabinet types prove to be a timeless design.

Inset & Beaded

Often referred to as European frameless or full access, the Euro line does not have any frame. This construction method is often found in modern applications, creating a sleek expression.

European Frameless