Craftsman. Artistry.
Enduring Quality.
A heritage rich with values

Our heritage is steeped in the values of a true craftsman. Quality, artistry and detail have defined our cabinets from the very first day. Crown Cabinetry was founded in 1974 in the heart of America, Abilene Kansas. We are multiple generations of craftsmen carrying on the traditions of fine wood working in all of our custom products.


Loving to work with wood and his hands, Leroy is the original owner that founded Crown Cabinetry in his garage in 1974. Leroy was at his workbench for over 45 years crafting specialty orders and teaching the younger generation.

Seasoned artisan, Jerry, is the plant manager with over 30 years of experience. He has extensive knowledge and passion for beautiful woodwork. Jerry sets the bar high for quality, not only in our shop but for the industry.

We’re proud to be building a legacy of skilled craftsmen in this small farming community.


In 2011 Ryan Johnson’s dream of owning a cabinet shop became a reality. As a remodeler he had been a customer of Crown, and was impressed with the distinctive quality that couldn’t be found anywhere else. Ryan’s priority on relationships and emphasis in design made it an easy fit to lead Crown into the next generation.

Celebrating over 45 years in business, Crown Cabinetry invites you into our organization to see what beautiful products we can design and build for you.